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    “Commendations to the staff for their helpful and efficient support, their teaching and pastoral skills and the general kindness and commitment of all the staff at the school.”
Pastoral Care
The underlying aim of the pastoral care system is to ensure that every individual receives the attention that is necessary for his/her wellbeing and happiness while at school. The Form Tutor is in daily contact with the children in his/her form and is therefore a key person in this process. We believe it to be important that every child has someone in school in whom he/she can trust and with whom any school- related matters or personal problems can be discussed. As part of the pastoral care each pupil has specific and regular personal discussion time with the Form Tutor. This makes it possible to discuss any problems or difficulties which may arise and which are causing concern to the pupil. The work of the Form Tutor is reinforced by the Head of Progress for the year, Assistant Headteachers, Headteacher, Behavioural Officer and the School Counsellor. The designated Child Protection Officer is Mr. Jeffrey Connick. The school follows the “All Wales
Child Protection Procedure, 2008”. From time to time, as part of the procedure, the school is required to contact external agencies directly. For full details or a copy of the policy, contact the school.
We have embraced a countywide and international strategy called Restorative Practice. The aim of this strategy is to nurture a positive approach to misbehaviour and to make pupils feel better about themselves within the school community. This is partly achieved by weekly opportunities during morning pastoral sessions where young people and the form tutor share feelings and opinions.
The school has a specific pastoral curriculum and time is set aside for it. It provides an opportunity to discuss all topics related to the pupils’ personal lives, including relationships with others, health education, careers, study skills and communication. Also an important and natural part of these lessons is sex education.
Specific Aims of Sex Education:
• To introduce and to deal with matters connected with sex in a sensitive and caring manner.
• To give the pupils an opportunity to receive factual information about their bodies and processes connected with sex, such as puberty,
contraception, abortion and sexually transmitted diseases.
• To do this within the context of caring and loving relationships, of personal responsibility and of respect for oneself and others.
Some Specific Sex Education Themes:
• Starting my life
• Physical changes
• Peer pressure
• Contraception
• Sexually transmitted diseases
• Conception, growth and birth of a baby • Forming relationships
• Caring for friends and lovers
• Cancer – breast, cervical and testicular • Being a parent
 Estyn Inspection Report 2015
The school has a special ethos that reflects the school motto ‘Gorau byw, cyd-fyw’ (The best living is living together). It is a happy, homely and caring community, with an inclusive ethos in which all pupils have equal opportunities to succeed. An excellent feature is the way in which the school ensures an ethos of high expectations, trust and support among staff, pupils and parents.

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