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The Curriculum
 A Summary of the School’s Curriculum Aims
Our main aim is to provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum to every pupil in the school by:
• meeting all the statutory requirements of the National
• developing a range of skills based upon the Literacy, Numeracy
and Digital Competence Frameworks
• nurturing positive attitudes in every individual enabling him/her
to adapt in a flexible manner to new ideas and situations
• promoting the ability in individuals to work independently and in
teams to solve problems and to decide upon appropriate ways
to accomplish tasks
• helping every individual to develop personal standards which
exhibit sensitivity towards other peoples’ needs and become
caring and responsible adults
• motivating each individual to reach his/her full potential, by
actively involving pupils in the process of self-evaluation and action planning to make further progress promoting equal opportunity and the principle of respecting every individual who is a member of the school community and the extended community
• promoting Welshness and the Curriculum Cymreig and fostering an awareness of the nation’s heritage and culture as well as an understanding of, and respect towards, other cultures
• promoting a world wide awareness of environmental and sustainability issues
• promoting an awareness of healthy living and eating healthily
• developing an understanding of the requirements of the world of
work and offer an opportunity to follow vocational courses
• ensuring progression and continuation between key stages
• ensuring a wide range of informal learning experiences.
• beginning to promote key principles which reflect the
Curriculum for Wales 2022
 Use of Welsh
The school’s official language is Welsh and all pupils are encouraged and helped to master the language and are expected to use it at all times.
Welsh is a core subject at the school and features therefore in each child’s curriculum. Welsh is also used substantially as a teaching medium. All subjects, excluding English and Science, are taught solely through the medium of Welsh. Science is taught exclusively through the medium of Welsh during Years 7-9 and pupils are also encouraged to pursue their Science courses in Years 10 and 11 through the medium of Welsh. The opportunity to follow these courses through the medium of English is available if so desired. Therefore Year 10-13 Science courses can be offered in both languages.
The School’s Spiritual Dimension
In accordance with the law, the Religious Education content of the curriculum is provided by means of collective worship and Religious Education lessons given to all students. Nevertheless, parents have the right to withdraw their child from these experiences (e.g. other religions) by making a written request to the Head teacher.
Organisation of Teaching
Lessons are organised in 50 minute periods and we work to a fortnightly timetable of 60 lessons. Pupils in Years 7 are taught in mixed ability groups. On average there are about 28 pupils in each teaching group. The methodology of teaching employed at the school is pupil centred and activity based.Pupils are encouraged to work together, discuss viewpoints, solve problems, agree on strategies and generally make decisions for themselves. This method of teaching gives each pupil the opportunity to play an active role in his/her learning.
Home learning through homework
It is expected that each pupil will complete homework tasks promptly, neatly and to the highest possible standard. The work should take about twenty minutes per subject and ample time is allowed for its submission. Every pupil has a ‘Llyfr Cyswllt’ (Home- School Contact Book) in which we expect all homework tasks to be recorded. This system helps to organise work and to ensure that tasks do not mount up. We ask parents to check and sign the Llyfr Cyswllt at the end of each week so that both school and home can monitor the work completed.
Careers Advice and Guidance
Considerable attention is given to Careers Education and the careful and thorough counselling of pupils. Regular liaison with the school Careers Officer is invited and encouraged. A programme of work related activities has been developed which includes Business and Enterprise days, which is a strong component of the Welsh Baccalaureate. Year 12 pupils self arrange a week of work experience and pupils in years 11 and 13 have the opportunity to take part in mock interviews held by local employers.
Health and Safety
We are vigilant in all matters concerning health and safety issues. Risk assessments are carried out both in school and for any off-site activities which have risks associated with them. Accidents involving personal injury must be reported to the school’s Health and Safety Officer so that they may be recorded. Health and Safety audits and action plans are regularly performed and updated. Health and safety issues will be discussed on a regular basis in the meetings of the Governing Body and Health and Safety/Buildings’ Sub- committee. The school site is completely fenced and has CCTV cameras. We have a no smoking policy for all pupils, staff and visitors therefore, smoking is not acceptable anywhere within the school grounds. The school has a sufficient number of toilets on site in relation to pupil numbers. Toilets are located in most of the main teaching blocks. The toilets are cleaned to a high standard on a daily basis by the Local Authority’s Cleaning Services. All toilets are inspected daily by cleaners and site staff. Also, a supply of clean drinking water is easily available throughout the school day to all our pupils and staff.
   “Great reputation – excellent results – well done!”

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